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Helpful items that your photographer would like


  • No vehicles or trash cans that can be seen in the front photo.

  • All lights on (I will cut them off as I finish).

  • No fans on (They show up blurry in photos) PS I am short and cannot reach the pulls….

  • No TV’s on.

  • Toilet seats down.

  • I usually don’t do garages unless there is something special. This is a great place to hide items.

  • Counters cleaned off – bathroom and kitchen.

  • All blinds the same way.

  • Nothing hanging on backs of doors – towels, pj’s and robes.

  • Remove all items from the shower and tub

  • If it is something small I will move it.


If you do not want it in the photo then please remove it especially medicine, guns, personal photos, jewelry etc. 

I try my best to take photos at angles so you will not see gun safes.

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